For Developers

Netzlink for up-to-date developers

Very often, a lot of time goes by before an idea is eventually turned into a finished application. What if there was an extremely fast way to develop apps? If you could simply work with ready-to-use modules and interfaces when developing?

That is where Netzlink comes into play, offering an extended, OpenStack-based cloud environment. That makes accessing the Internet of Things (IoT) and processing and analyzing big data a lot easier. And the best thing is that there is no vendor lock-in! Why should you partner up with Netzlink? That is quite simple: We provide excellent 24/7 service and offer test resources to interested developers, so that they can try things out free of charge.

The use of tried and tested, monitored, and, most of all, the same components across different projects makes development work significantly easier and faster. Be it towards each other or towards external components: Components' interfaces are standardized and already prepared for the purposes of collaboration and intercommunication. Standard data models simplify the transfer of applications to other domains.