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Netzlink for digital companies

How digital is your company today? Are you already part of Industry 4.0? Or are you currently evaluating you company's digital opportunities? Wherever you currently are – the new industrial age will for sure be of tremendous importance for your company, too.

Machines that are able to communicate with each other, to adapt to new situations with a high degree of flexibility, and, using their own sensors, to gather enormous amounts of data open up many new business opportunities for you. If you were able to connect your production department's data to your sales team's data – what would that be like? What would happen to employee satisfaction if, using micro sensors, you could measure and improve the quality of air in your buildings?

For your company to benefit from advantages such as these, intelligent solutions are necessary. We offer companies a platform for the provision of a wide range of applications. It is ideally suited for apps that you have developed in-house as well as for programs by different manufacturers. Eventually, the connection between those apps and the corresponding sets of data is what generates useful synergies.